Monday, July 6, 2009

organize your travel mementos

Are you planning a family vacation some time in the next couple of months? You will probably take lots of pictures…right? And then you will get home and have no idea which pictures when with which day of your trip…not to mention all the mementos you picked up along the way! If you are into scrapbooking…or even if you just love to take pictures, a little pre-planning can save you lots of headaches when you get back from your trip.

First, you will need to pack a few basic essentials like a spiral notebook, a pen, and several envelopes or zipper-top bags. Designate one bag or envelope for each day of your trip and label it with a label or marker. Then, every day as you collect interesting items, tuck them into the pre-labeled compartment designated for that day. Jot down some notes about the highlights of the day in your notebook and at the end of the day, tear out your notes and store them with the rest of your daily keepsakes.

To keep your photos organized, write “day 1” on a paper and take a picture of it before the first day of your trip. Do the same for every day or your trip “day 2” “day 3” etc. then you will have each day’s pictures neatly organized and you won’t have to try and remember which day it was. Also, if you have recording abilities on your camera, you could record a short segment saying the date and the location. This is also a great way to help you remember where you were when you took the pictures!

When you get home you’ll be ready to scrapbook—without the hassle of after-the-fact-organizing!

Happy travels!

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