Thursday, August 27, 2009

6 ways to SIMPLIFY (4 of 6)

This week is all about simplifying your home, office, possessions, routine...and most importantly, your life. Keep reading all week for more great tips.

Way to Simplify #4 = School Lunches

Rather than dealing with creating each lunch from scratch every morning, you can prepare in advance many items. For instance, if you will send goldfish crackers in your child's lunch, you can buy a large package and transfer it all at once to small baggies. The same can be done for almost any snack foods.

Take a plastic bin and corral all of the small baggies you've filled and you can simply pull it out in the morning and choose the items to send. The same can be done for items that need to be refrigerated such as grapes, baby carrots, apple slices and strawberries. Simply store the container in the fridge.

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