Friday, August 28, 2009

6 ways to SIMPLIFY (5 of 6)

This week is all about simplifying your home, office, possessions, routine...and most importantly, your life. Keep reading all week for more great tips.

Way to Simplify #5 = Snail Mail

Mail can become a pile of chaos in no time at all if not tended to promptly. Bills can get mixed up with store flyers and other junk mail. The only way to avoid the trap of the bottomless pile of mail is to deal with it each and every day as it arrives.

Immediately toss anything that is junk mail. Flyers for stores you never go to would be one example. Open and shred all of the credit card offers and other personalized pages.

Sort all bills and file in one central place. If you create a current bill file and are conscientious about using it, then you won't have bills scattered around in numerous places. If that happens, you run the risk that you will misplace some and they won't be paid on time.

For any invitations received, decide if you care to attend and then jot the date on your calendar or in your planner.

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