Tuesday, August 18, 2009

make organizing fun

What does getting organized bring to mind for you? Does it mean putting in many hours and blood, sweat and tears before you will become more efficient? Does it mean lots of hard work to accomplish important and necessary tasks? Do you procrastinate when it comes to getting organized because you feel it is too daunting a job? Organizing does not have to be thought of as a chore. There are ways to turn organizing into something enjoyable and fun to do.

1. The easiest and simplest way to make organizing a fun activity is to put on your favorite music.

2. Do not try and tackle all of the organizing on your own. Get everyone in your home involved in becoming organized and make it a family affair!

3. Think of organizing as a favorite workout. Just as workouts get you invigorated and feeling good, so will organizing. Coordinate an organizing project like an exercise routine working to get areas organized and fit. Organize in 15 or 30 minute sets. Document your results. As with exercising, set future goals and continue to progress.

4. Treat organizing like a puzzle. The more pieces you fit together (the more organizing you accomplish), the more complete and whole the puzzle becomes.

5. Reward yourself. Pick a reward that is something you enjoy doing or something you really want. When you achieve another organizing goal, plan another reward to work toward.

6. Make organizing a friendly competition. A competition between family members or friends can put a whole new spin on getting organized. Set several goals for participants to work toward with varying levels for each accomplishment achieved. Designate a corresponding treat as a prize to attain for each level.

7. To get children more involved in organizing, play 'beat the clock.' Assign a 'put away' basket for each child. Set a timer for 30 seconds and see who can pick up the most items. Repeat and keep score. The winner is rewarded with a prize, such as a movie or getting to stay up later for an evening.

8. Associating organizing with something you enjoy can help make the tasks more fun. For example, you can watch your favorite TV show as long as you also sort through the paperwork on your desk.

See organizing is not so bad after all!

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