Friday, August 21, 2009

organize your children for back-to-school

I was working with a client the other day and she showed me her organizing system to keep her children organized during the school year…here is what she said:

I've been using two of the wider shoe shelf organizers to help my young daughter get organized for school. One is for clothes; the other is for items to take on specific school days. Each shelf is labeled a day of the week and on Sunday, with my help, my daughter gets herself organized for the week.
In one organizer she places the clothes to be worn for each day--school socks or sports socks, undies, uniform or sports uniform, and ice skating clothes for Saturday.
In the other organizer she puts the school items that are needed on specific days--swim bag for Monday, violin book for Tuesday, choir book for Wednesday, banking for Friday.
If there are notes to return to school or payment envelopes, they are put in the specific day's shelf.
This process has helped my daughter organize herself and saves us time in the school mornings looking for clothes or forgetting important school items.

It seems to me that she doesn’t really need my help getting organized! But seriously, this was an amazing…and very simple, system for both her and her children. It worked wonderfully. It might be something you want to implement with your children this year.

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