Wednesday, August 19, 2009

overwhelming projects

I hope you are all taking advantage of the last few weeks of summer and planning a few more activities for your family and friends.

As some of you know, my husband is a teacher, so we always try to pack as much into our summers as possible. This year we decided to re-do the entire inside of our home. We put in new flooring, painted all the walls, hung new curtains on every window, got a lot of new/different furniture pieces, re-designed the laundry room and even knocked out a half-wall. We just finished last weekend and everything looks great!

The feeling I got when we were done was similar to the feeling I get every time I tackle (and finish) a large organizing project, either for myself or for a client...a feeling of satisfaction, accomplishment, excitement and an overwhelming sense of calmness, knowing that you are finally done and can reap the reward of a newly organized (or re-decorated) space. It's great! You look back and think, that wasn't so bad...I'm so glad I did it.

At the beginning, however; there is a sense of the somewhat overwhelming task that lies ahead. I definitely felt anxious and overwhelmed when we began talking about everything we would try to accomplish over the summer. I wondered if we could get it all done and questioned whether it would really be worth all the hard work and time it would take to finish.

Well, I can guarantee you that all our time, frustration, and hard work was worth it! I can also guarantee that I have NEVER worked with a client who said well, that wasn't really work it...I wish I had not wasted my time getting organized. No, they always say I can't believe I didn't do this sooner...what took me so long! If you are questioning the value of getting organized I would encourage you to evaluate how much your clutter is really affecting you and then consider if it is worth the extra effort...I think it will be!



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