Saturday, August 22, 2009

pictures, pictures everywhere!

Do you have boxes and boxes of pictures lying around your home? Have you stopped printing them because you don’t know where to go with them all?

Digital cameras are a wonderful invention but they make it too easy to go crazy with picture taking…and it is also too easy to simply store them on your computer…and never look at them again (I do this a lot!)

So what is a solution? One idea is to put together a simple slide show of all your pictures from a certain vacation, a specific season or year, or even one for each of your children. Then, burn the slide shows to a DVD, label the DVD and store them in a CD holder. Now, you will know where all your pictures are, you can pop in the DVD any time you want to look at them (or share them with guests) and you won’t have boxes and boxes of pictures lying around.

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