Thursday, August 20, 2009

simplify your life

It’s that time of year again…you are about to be busier than ever with school, programs, clubs, sports practice, music lesions and all the other activities that start up again in the fall. Then, almost without warning, the Holiday season falls on top of your already super busy schedule!!

This year, make it a goal to really focus on the things, people, activities and goals that are important to you. Keep reading for some really great ways to simplify your life and hopefully reduce some of the stress that accompanies this time of year.

  1. Think about your values and write down those that really matter to you. What is most important? Spending time with family? Accumulating great wealth? Achieving powerful influence? Acquiring possessions? Expressing yourself? Learning new ideas? Experiencing adventure and travel? Maintaining excellent health? Socializing with friends? Contributing to the community? You can't do them all. Cut out activities that aren't consistent with your core values.
  2. Write a list of goals you'd like to achieve. Focus on doing a few really well, rather than a lot in a mediocre way. You can't add hours to the day, but you can cut down on activities.

  1. Make time for yourself. Set aside time each day to reflect quietly, go for a walk, plan for your future or meditate. Visit the park instead of the mall.

  1. Cut back on debt. Consolidate your different debts into one and pay it off. Put your credit cards in a spot where you won't be able to use them until you're debt-free. Track your expenses for a month, then cut back your spending on items you don't need. For instance, pack a lunch rather than buying one at work. Mix and match your outfits rather than constantly buying new ones.

  1. Take a moment each day to be grateful.

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