Sunday, August 2, 2009

tip of the week (8/2/2009)

August 2 – August 8, 2009 this week’s "tip of the week" was sent from Heather, from Ada, MI

Heather writes: "My house was once awash in catalogs, but I've discovered a great way to contain catalog clutter.

As I go through catalogs, I dog-ear the pages of interest and mark the items which interest me. Then I tear out those pages and either the order blank or the cover page with the customer number and source code on it. I staple those together and toss the rest of the catalog.

If I am not sure that I really need an item, I let what I've saved sit for a week before taking action on it. It's amazing to find that after only a week you sometimes wonder why something attracted you in the first place.

At that time I either toss the pages or order the item(s). If I order by telephone I put the order number and cost on the page. When the order comes in, if everything is satisfactory I toss the page with the information.

When ordering via the internet, I save all e-mail confirmations in a separate mailbox folder, deleting them only when the item has been received and no further action, such as returning or exchanging, needs to be taken on it.”

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