Monday, September 14, 2009

does it benefit you?

Think about this… what do you do/have that no longer benefits you? Sometimes we fill our lives with activities and things “just because”…even though they don’t benefit us.

It seems crazy but we all do it…sometimes out of a habit we have formed, sometimes out of fear and sometimes…we are just lazy!

Let me explain:

Scenario #1: Your work is really busy for a specific time period so you have to stay late every night for a month or two. After the busy time is over, you continue to stay late because it’s a habit…it’s not something you need to do, nor is it benefiting you. You could be enjoying the extra time at home with your family, exercising, taking up a new hobby, etc.

Scenario #2: You volunteer to serve on the board for you school, church, or community. You enjoyed doing the work for several years but now you feel more passionate about other things so you get involved in other things but never quit the original commitment. Before you realize it, you are stressed out because you are too busy and over committed. This commitment is no longer benefiting you.

Scenario #3: You have a bookshelf full of books you don't like or need to have…and 5 sets of bed linen for your guest bedroom (which only gets used twice each year). These items are no longer benefiting you.

We are already pressed for time and have plenty of things to think and worry about so there is no room for anything that doesn’t benefit us.

I know there are always things that we have to do…but really don’t want to do (like laundry) but if you really think about it, most of those tasks actually benefit you (you get clean clothes!)

What we need to focus on are the activities that we really don’t have to do…and don’t want to do, and the things in our lives that we no longer need… and rid our lives of those get those activities and things. You will thank yourself for doing it!

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