Monday, September 28, 2009

save time with systems

Implementing systems helps to save you time, space, energy and money…and those are a few things that we all want a little more of!

For me, I like to focus on saving time…because time is one of my most valuable resources.

So what are some systems you can put into place to save some time?

Use A Planner:

We have a household calendar in our kitchen where we mark off any commitments like church, meetings, gym, socials, and so on. The nice thing about this visual system is that when there's too much writing, we know we're too busy. I also mark off the recycling pick-up days, when the meter reader is due and of course, things like birthdays.

When I do my business planning for the week ahead, I add the commitments from the household calendar and then add any tasks that I need to or want to work on, like writing articles, e-courses, newsletters and so on.

Time saved every week: 1 hour

Plan Your Meals:

I love meal planning because it saves me time. When I say this to people, they think I'm crazy because "how can all that planning save you time?" It's quite simple - a twenty-minute planning session on the weekend saves me time Monday to Friday, when I need it most. No more standing in front of the open fridge wondering what to make for supper. I know what I need to defrost or buy for the week ahead and I know how much time I will need each night after I get home from work to make the meals.

You can still be spontaneous within the plan. I plan meals for the working week but if I don't feel like having a particular meal that day, I change it around and cook another day's meal.

Time saved every week: 3 hours

Schedule a Decluttering Time:

We've discussed the importance of having a regular time to declutter your home and office. This regular time gives you the opportunity to get rid of things you no longer need/use and make space for anything new that has accumulated.

I tackle an area in our home every weekend. It doesn't have to be a huge exercise. While you're busy cooking or baking, you can sort out a cupboard or two. When you factor in just 15 minutes' decluttering and organizing every weekend, you can easily maintain your organized home.

Time saved every week: at least 1 hour

Create a Launch Pad:

A launch pad enables you to hit the ground running every day.

Your launch pad is the place where you can keep all your morning essentials so you don't run around looking for your keys, wallet, bag, etc.

Every evening we put our lunches in a specific section of the fridge and we put our bags, keys, to-do lists, etc. on a bench by our back door so that in the mornings all we do is grab and go. In the morning, I simply walk to the fridge to get my lunch, grab my stuff from my launch pad and I'm out of there!

Time saved every week: 2 hours

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