Tuesday, September 22, 2009

ways to save time #1 and #2

Time truly is the deciding factor. We all have to recognize the fact that we cannot slow it down nor can we speed it up. We all have the same amount of time--365 days in each year and only 24 hours in each day.

In the end, it is all about personal choice. We all have the right to choose how we will spend our time. If you want to have more time for the things you enjoy, keep reading all week long for lots of tips that will save you lots of time!

Time saving tip # 1: Save time on errands

A. Designate an errand day (do all your errands on one specific day. Also try to plan the time of day that stores are less busy.)

B. Map out the locations, so that you are not driving back and forth.

C. Delegate errands for other family members.

D. Share or trade errands with a neighbor, fellow mom, or a local teenager.

Time saving tip # 2: Multi-tasking

Make it work for you, not against you.

A. Only multi-task simple tasks.

B. No new, difficult, or tasks that require lots of attention.

For example, load a dishwasher while talking on the telephone, dust the house while listening to music or the television, cut coupons out while watching television, exercise while listening to a book on tape



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