Wednesday, September 23, 2009

ways to save time #3 and #4

Time truly is the deciding factor. We all have to recognize the fact that we cannot slow it down nor can we speed it up. We all have the same amount of time--365 days in each year and only 24 hours in each day.

In the end, it is all about personal choice. We all have the right to choose how we will spend our time. If you want to have more time for the things you enjoy, keep reading all week long for lots of tips that will save you lots of time!

Time saving tip # 3: Use your computer to save time

A. Check directions before leaving.

B. Online calendars and appointment reminders that can be sent to other people.

C. Correspondence with family and friends.

D. Order gifts, flowers, books, groceries, etc. online--no waiting in lines, travel time, etc.

E. Paying bills online- no trips to the bank, no mailing costs.

F. Wide variety of lists, for example, medications.

G. Read the news online.

H. Email reminders and notes.

I. Photographs.

J. Address and phone number list.

K. Folders to separate important information, for example, packing lists, immunization record, list of doctors.

L. Recipes, among many other uses.

Time saving tip # 4: Have a routine and stick with it

A. Having a routine can help you save time, if you work for an hour a day at chores around your house; you will not have to spend all weekend cleaning up and instead can spend some time with family and friends, for example.

B. Having a routine is also very useful for children. They know what to expect and when. Bedtimes, chores, errands, and homework time will all run smoother.



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