Friday, October 23, 2009

10 projects & rewards

Do you ever have trouble motivating yourself to complete projects? All of us need a reward of some kind to help keep us motivated. Here are ten projects to complete, along with ten rewards for completing each one.

1. Project: Clean out medicine cabinet/vanity: Toss out expired medications, makeup and ointments. Use containers to hold odds and ends like ponytail holders, hair clips and so on.
Reward: An at-home or salon manicure.

2. Project: Clean out the inside of your car: Take the time to clean out papers, trash, and so forth from the inside of your car. Wash the windows on the inside and wipe down the seats if they are leather or vinyl.
Reward: A trip to the car wash to make the outside as sparkly as the inside.

3. Project: Clean up your craft supplies: Have you been lax about putting away your crafting items? Take time to straighten up what you've been using as well as putting it away so that your crafting area is cleaned up and organized AND inviting.
Reward: One hour of uninterrupted crafting time.

4. Project: Clean out your recipe file and recipe clippings: Take time to go through your recipe file and all of those recipes you've been clipping. Toss any recipe cards that you haven't used in a year or more (other than holiday recipes) and also be realistic about which recipes you've clipped that you will actually use.
Reward: Lunch or Dinner out.

5. Project: Clean out your closet: Go through your closet and remove those items you haven't worn in a year. Donate those in good shape to a charity. Even those that are in a little bit rougher shape can be put to use--so donate those as well.
Reward: One new article of clothing

6. Project: Declutter the junk drawer: Everyone has at least one junk drawer. Take some time and clean it out. Empty everything out of it, use dividers or locking trays to sort things back into. Be realistic about how many twist ties you can actually use. Store like things together that you will use in the room the junk drawer is located.
Reward: One hour of uninterrupted reading time.

7. Project: Clean out your purse: Take a few minutes and clean out your purse. We always carry around more than we need, and then when we need something, we can't find it.
Reward: A less-heavy bag!

8. Project: Gather up donations and deliver to charity or call for a pickup: We always have items that we could easily part with, whether it is outgrown clothing from our children, or items we no longer wear. Gather these items, and take them to a charity like Goodwill or Salvation Army. Many times they will also send a truck out to pick up items. You just have to call them and schedule a pickup.
Reward: Tax deduction for donations

9. Project: Set up a meal/menu plan for 2 weeks or a month: Spend the time going through your cookbooks and recipe files and plan your menus for a month. Even two weeks gives you a great variety of meals that you can repeat without feeling like you've just eaten that item.
Reward: Hassle free dinner plans

10. Project: Clean out and organize your garage: The time you spend cleaning out the garage will pay big dividends when it comes to room for your car--thereby eliminating the need for scraping winter windows if you live in snow country.
Reward: More storage and work space

See, it's not that difficult to complete one small project if you know there is a reward waiting for you at the end! This week/weekend, try to tackle one of the projects above!

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