Tuesday, October 6, 2009

10 quick organizing projects

People often think they need to have HUGE blocks of time to make any progress with organizing. That's not true and is, in fact, one of the biggest organizing myths around.

This is why I always say to start with just 15 minutes a day. If you did that faithfully for one month, not only would it become a habit, it would also give you an extra 7 ½ hours of organizing for the month…that’s almost an entire work day! Just think… if you kept that up all year long you would log over 90 hours of organizing!

"Small results, repeated consistently over time, produce huge results".

So what can you accomplish in just 15 minutes a day? Lots of stuff; here are some ideas to get your started. Let m know some of your ideas too.

  1. File or delete 10 -20 emails.
  2. Go through your cell phone and delete old messages/voicemail.
  3. Clear out one drawer or cabinet in your kitchen or bathroom.
  4. Organizing 1 or 2 shelves in a closet.
  5. Pick up everything that doesn’t belong in your living room and put it in a clothes basket (or 2 or 3 clothes baskets) and vow to put those items away later
  6. Clean out the dishwasher
  7. Go through a magazine and rip out anything that looks interesting; recycle the rest.
  8. Throw out the expired food in your refrigerator or pantry.
  9. Mark upcoming birthdays, events, meetings, appointments, etc. in your planner.
  10. Plan your meals for the next few days.

See, that wasn’t so bad! It only takes a few minutes but I can make a huge difference!

Click here for more ideas of things you can accomplish in only 2 minutes…

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