Friday, October 16, 2009

5 more ways to save time

Today we are continuing on from yesterday with 5 additional tips to save more time.

Want to get more of the right things done? These additional 5 tips are sure to help you.

  1. Don’t multi-task all the time:
    Yes, you read that correctly ;) I’m all about multi-tasking when it comes to watching TV…but when you try to multiple tasks on more important projects, your attention is split and you lose focus. The lack of focus means that you end up spending a lot longer completing your task because you're not fully engaged.

    What happens when you're driving and you get lost? You switch off the radio so you can focus. Next time you have to work on a project, close your e-mail and turn your phone on vibrate so you're not distracted by incoming emails or calls.
  2. Write it down:
    Write down things to buy, things to talk to X about, errands to run, upcoming birthdays, etc.

    You won't find yourself returning from running errands only to find you forgot to return your library books. You will start being that organized person who actually has a birthday present wrapped days before the person's birthday.
  3. Declutter and simplify:
    Did you know that decluttering cuts your cleaning time by a third? If that isn't inspiration to declutter, then I don't know what is!

    Living a simplified life means you no longer spend hours looking for things. It also means your schedule isn't jam-packed with activities and you actually have time to enjoy your life.
  4. Plan your time:
    When you plan your time, leave enough time to complete the task plus some buffer time. Work expands to fill the available time so don't allow 3 hours for a 1-hour activity because you will use the full 3 hours if you do so. If you're not sure how long things take to do, keep a time log for a week or two and see for yourself.
  5. Organize your paper and email:
    Every time I run an organising workshop, I get participants to complete a Time Wasters Assessment. The results differ slightly depending on the type of group but email continues to creep up the ranks and is now the top time waster! Paper is a close second.

    Learning to correctly organise your paper and email will save you HOURS every day.

Don't get overwhelmed - work on just one of these tips consistently until it becomes a habit and keep adding another until you have it all mastered.

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