Friday, October 2, 2009

attic storage??? yes or no?

I’ve been getting lots of questions about attic storage lately so here are a few of my thoughts.

Personally, I wouldn’t store anything in the attic b/c it is inconvenient and not a practical place to store anything. Also, it is not really the safest place to store thing either…namely because of the potential for heat, water, bug, and/or rodent damage.

If you insist on storing things in the attic, make sure it is nothing valuable!

Also, do not use cardboard boxes to help avoid bugs and moisture attacking the contents of the boxes. Use plastic bins or containers that are either clear or clearly labeled.

Keep like items together in zones. Have zones for holiday decorations, one for sentimental items, another area for keepsakes, another for sports equipment, among others.

Make sure that whatever is up there is protected and only store items that are rarely used, such as holiday decoration, b/c it is a waste of time to constantly be walking to and from the attic to get your stored items.

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