Friday, October 30, 2009

living and family room zones

The living room and family room are 2 rooms that are very difficult to organize…partly because they need to be functional and practical for your family and also presentable for company but partly because they get so much daily use. A good way to help you clear the clutter for this over-used space is to divide your room into zones.

Electronic Zone: Find storage solutions for your TV and DVDs. Store DVDs or CDs in a cabinet or shelving system that will help keep out dust. Keep all remotes in a basket in a central location. If you can find an enclosed cabinet to house all of these electronic items, you can simply shut the door when company knocks.

Reading Zone: Books, Magazines and Newspapers can overwhelm your space with unsightly paper clutter. To solve this problem, use a decorative basket for recycling. You can put your used newspapers and magazines in there until you have time to bring them to the curb. Use a small book case or a few wall-mounted shelves for books and magazines you are not ready to part with.

Game/Toy Zone: Use multi-purpose furniture such as coffee tables, storage cubes, or ottomans with storage inside for children's toys, board games, cards, extra pillows, and blankets. It is easy for your children (or spouse) to just dump everything in a covered bin and then you don’t have too look at their mess.

With just a few changes you can transform your living room and family room into warm, inviting…and functional spaces.

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