Monday, October 26, 2009

organization for the creative mind

I have several clients who are very creative people (artists, writers, photographers, web designers, architects, etc.) and they all have trouble with traditional methods of getting organized. I find that this is often the case with creative people…they just need different ways to get organized.

Fortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to organizing; in fact, I believe that since each person is unique, each person's organizing system should also be different.

Do you find it hard to use traditional methods of organization? If so, keep reading; here are 3 great tips that can work wonders with “creative” personalities!

1. Adjust your Attitude:
There's a myth going around that creative people can't work in a structured environment. On the contrary, having a bit of structure in your life actually enables you to be even more creative and to do better work.

EXAMPLE: A few weeks ago, a client emailed to tell me how she's been energized and has been creating beautiful things again. What was the difference in her life? We'd worked on organizing her office space and within the order; she could be creative once again.

Stop telling yourself that you can't be organized; rather tell yourself that you organize yourself in non-traditional ways. And that's perfectly okay.

2. Skip the Schedule:

Traditionally, we've all been told to work according to the clock. I think it’s a better idea to work with your energy cycle (when you are the most productive).

EXAMPLE: If you know that you tend to go through a bit of a slump around lunch time, maybe that's when you want to run errands or exercise to give yourself an energy boost. If you design websites and you know that you're most creative at midnight, then design your websites at midnight. Who says you have to start working at 8am?

3. Organize your Office Space:
When you can find your equipment and supplies easily, your valuable energy is used for actual creativity and not wasted on looking for things. It's also important to have your workspace set up according to your organizing style.

EXAMPLE: Are you a visual, auditory or kinaesthetic learner? Are you a paper or electronic person? Maybe the reason you can't seem to get your papers organized is because you're actually an electronic person. I've had clients with very messy offices whose computers are perfectly organized, and vice-versa. It's so important to play to your strengths.

So there you go, if you are a creative person and just can’t seem to get organized, try implementing one of these ideas today!

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