Thursday, October 1, 2009

stretch out of your comfort zone

I recently decided to stretch myself beyond my comfort zone (literally) by starting yoga. I made this decision with specific goals in mind: I want to experience the benefits of yoga, which include stress reduction, peace of mind, and improved muscle tone and balance. But to create these results, I first have to stretch out of my existing comfort zone.

Now to me, yoga just looked like a fun, enjoyable activity that would be a piece-of-cake for an athlete...boy was I wrong. Not only did I realize that I'm really not that flexible, I also realized that I have bad balance and "weak core strength"! So while I had to consistently push myself to keep stretching my body to it's limits...I was also stretching out of my comfort zone. It's been several weeks and I can actually tell a difference! Imagine that!

Personal change requires stretching yourself. To get into a new comfort zone, you have to stretch out of your old one first. Whether you’re embarking on an organizing journey or taking up yoga, remember that stretching is the only way to move into a new comfort zone. Ultimately the payoffs of your new comfort zone will be more than worth the initial discomfort you feel when stretching toward something better.

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