Friday, November 20, 2009

bite-size steps

When you’re faced with a particularly daunting item on your holiday to-do list, breaking it down into bite-sized steps makes it more manageable. The process of sending holiday cards, for example, can feel particularly overwhelming if you try to do it all at once. But if you tackle each step as a mini project, suddenly, sending cards feels—and becomes—much more workable.

Spread out the mini projects associated with sending cards—taking the photo, writing your newsletter, updating your address list, buying stamps, addressing the envelopes, and signing the card—over the days and weeks ahead. If you'll be sending a photo card or a personalized card, get these items sent to the printer this week, to avoid the last minute rush and associated stress! Also, post office lines are shorter now than they will be after Thanksgiving, so add "buy stamps" to this week’s "To Do" list, too.

The bite-sizing technique will work for any daunting item on your holiday to-do list. So, if you start to feel overwhelmed by something on your to-do list, take bite out of the stress by bite-sizing the project!

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