Thursday, November 5, 2009

get inspired

Are you drowning under piles of paperwork? Don’t worry, you are not alone! I have so many clients who struggle with paper work…most of them are so overwhelmed and have no idea where to start.

If this sound like you, keep reading!

Right now, what you need is some inspiration to get your started. If you know of anyone who is willing and able to help you…that would be a great solution. If not, you will need to inspire yourself. On of my clients recently told me that simply purchasing an inexpensive label maker and a box of colored file folders gave her all the inspiration she needed.

She is a very visual person so the nice clean look of the labels and the brightly colored folders really appealed to her. When I asked her how she so quickly turned her piles of paper into organized files she said:

I really liked the look of the labeled and colored folders to hold my paperwork. It motivated me to get started and now, I will not lay a paper down without putting it into a pretty colored folder and labeling it neatly with my label maker. It looks sharp and I feel so organized! I can now drop the folder into my file cabinet or store it on my desk for processing. And I can grab a folder or folders and go to a meeting looking well-organized and professional.

So, maybe her story will be inspirational enough for you to get started on your paper project. Keep in mind that you are just aiming for progress…not perfection!

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