Monday, November 16, 2009

paper, paper, paper!

If you're ever going to keep up with all the paper in your life, you have to decide on a system, work it, and then keep tweaking it. Just like everything else…it’s a continual process.

Here is some help to get you started!

1. Examine the sources of all the paper and write them down

  • Magazines
  • Mail
  • Printing emails
  • Notes from school
  • _________
  • _________
  • _________

2. See where you can eliminate or reduce the flow of paper.

  • If you get accounts by email and in the mail, email the company and stop the mail.
  • If you and two friends read the same magazine, buy one every 3 months and pass it around.
  • Sign notes from school immediately and send back the next day. Don't leave them on your kitchen counter a minute longer than you have to.

3. Decide on your comfort level for accounts/ filing

· I do not keep any utility or credit card statements anymore; mainly because I can access them all on the internet.

· Be honest with yourself and determine if you really need to keep all the paper you are keeping. Odds are, you will get rid of a lot!

Start implementing these tips for immediate results!

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