Wednesday, November 11, 2009

paper questions

Many of my clients have questions about how much paper they actually need to keep, file, etc. With all the paper we come into contact with every day, it's no wonder we get confused.

Since the goal of my business it to make organizing as simple as possible, here are a few very simple ways to control the mass amounts of paper you probably have lurking around your home.

  • Legal Documents: Ask yourself if it is something you need for tax purposes... if not, get rid of it. You can most likely get any information you need from the internet anyway.
  • Action Documents: File bills immediately in a file labeled (Bills to Pay). Respond to invitations right away...and mark your calender with any important dates
  • Magazines: Tear out any articles/recipes you want and recycle the rest of the publication.
  • Notes: use a spiral bound note book to store notes and thoughts. This works better than sticky notes and it's harder to misplace!
Implement some of these ideas today and your piles of paper will be a thing of the past



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