Thursday, November 19, 2009

start planning your menu

It’s hard to believe but in just one week many of us will be preparing the big meal for Thanksgiving! Whether you’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving, or a different holiday, now is a great time to start planning. Coordinate the menu with friends and relatives by deciding who will contribute which dish for the holiday meal. Then, flag the pages in your cookbook with the recipes you’ll be preparing. Transfer the ingredients onto a list, separated by perishable and non perishable items. Survey whether you have the needed items or not and shop for nonperishable items this week. While you’re out, remember to place an order for your turkey. Save your list and pick up the perishable items when you pick up your turkey, or in the days just before your holiday meal.

By planning your meal in advance, you’ll have more time to focus on preparing the meal the days before your holiday celebration, giving you more time to sit back, relax and truly enjoy the day.

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