Sunday, November 29, 2009

tip of the week (11/29/2009)

November 29 – December 5, 2009 this week’s "tip of the week" was sent from Lexi from Detroit, MI

Lexi writes: “I had two whole drawers in my filing cabinet related to notes and handouts I received in college. Because I went into a field directly related to my majors, I felt it would be wise to keep all of this information.

Then one day I realized that many of these papers would never be used. If I had a question about Latin verb conjugations, I would never go to a filing cabinet full of hand-written notes, even if I knew right where to find the paper. I would instead go to the reference book on the other side of the room, because the explanation would be far more thorough and easy to find.

I began measuring all the papers I think of saving by this same standard. 'If I had a question about this, where would be the easiest place to look for information?' If the answer to that question is 'in a textbook,' 'on the Internet,' or something that is not 'on this piece of paper,', that paper immediately gets recycled!”

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