Wednesday, December 16, 2009

holiday entertaining

'Tis the season for spontaneous entertaining! The holidays, more than anytime of the year, is when friends, family and neighbors are likely to call and say, "We're dropping by for a quick visit."

If you're house isn't always ready for unexpected company, here's a plan of action that will get your house spiffy in a jiffy. If you're home alone, take a deep breath and hit the hotspots that you think company is most likely to see. If you have family at home, divide and conquer!

ONE: Clutter
Grab an empty laundry basket and collect newspapers, mail and other clutter that have accumulated in the entryway and living room (or family room, if that's where you're likely to gather). Tuck it into the laundry room or a closet, but don't forget it's there after the company goes home!

TWO: Floors
A clean floor can make the whole house look clean. Grab a broom or your vacuum cleaner for a quick once-over. Finish up with a spray of air freshener or light a candle.

THREE: Kitchen
If you have dirty dishes, stack them quickly in the dishwasher. Larger pots and pans can go in the oven - as long as you make a mental note to get them out of there before you preheat the oven the next time. Grab some fresh-smelling spray cleaner, and touch up your countertops, sink and faucets.

FOUR: Bath
This is a good reason to store a few extra rolls of toilet paper in your linen closet or under the bathroom sink. You'll need them and some antibacterial spray to wipe down the toilet, sink, and faucets and touch up the floor. Put out some clean hand towels.

Now you're ready to entertain

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