Wednesday, December 23, 2009

organize your next trip

This is the busiest time of year for travel. It is also the busiest time of year for everything else…so coordinating all the details and organizing travel plans can quickly become overwhelming. So what can you do? Here are few tips to help you organize any trips you are planning for next week…or even next year!

  1. Make lists: These can include lists of things to pack, things to do, things to see, ect.

  1. Always take extra plastic bags for dirty laundry, shoes, etc.

  1. Don’t feel like you have to plan activities for each and every day - have some ideas for rainy day activities too so that you can simply look at your list and choose an indoor activity.

  1. Count on purchasing items on your trip. Plan to take 10lbs less than your baggage allowance so that you have plenty of space for any souvenirs and shopping.

  1. Choose a color palette for your clothes and stick to it. I find doing this that each pair of pants then matches with any of the tops, and vice versa.

  1. Pack travel-size toiletries or if you have some old hotel toiletries, use those. I keep my toiletry bag permanently packed and restock immediately when I return from a trip. This saves a lot of time because all I ever have to do is pack clothes.

  1. Always take a backpack. There is a reason why these are so popular with tourists - your hands are free to eat, browse, carry your water, etc.

  1. Pack “disposable” reading materials. Take magazines or e-books that have piled up around your house. This way, you can catch up on your reading and leave the magazine or e-book behind. You will lighten your load as you go and hopefully be finished with your reading by the time you arrive home.

  1. Take a notebook with you to journal or make some notes about the places you visit. It will help you remember your holiday with greater clarity especially once you're back home.

    And now that you're organized, have a wonderful time and enjoy your trip.

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