Saturday, December 5, 2009

orgnize your project list

We all know we should prioritize what we do before we start taking action but how do you actually do it?

1. Make a list of ALL your current and future projects.

I define a project as anything with more than two action steps. Getting your Christmas cards written, envelopes addressed and sent off is a project. Signing a permission slip and putting it in your child's school bag is a task.

If you like writing with a pen and paper (like I do), then grab a pen and start writing; If you prefer to type, open a document and start typing. The main thing is to get down all your current projects and the future ones you intend to complete.

2. Evaluate your goals:

Looking at each of those projects, ask yourself these questions and be honest when answering?

  1. Is this project aligned with my goals?
  2. Am I spending too much or too little time on this project?
  3. Is this project delivering the kind of results I expect (money, quality of life, relationships, etc.)

3. Eliminate or change your goals:
Decide which projects you can shelve permanently or until a later date. Or, if a project IS aligned with your goals but it's not really yielding the kind of results you want, change something.

4. Prioritize and focus:

Now that your projects are pared down, you can priorities them. Make sure that you number them in terms of what is most important to you now. Pick the top project, focus and start taking action.

Remember projects can be anything from business to "around the house" to personal...



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