Sunday, December 6, 2009

tip of the week (12/06/2009)

December 6 – December 12, 2009 this week’s "tip of the week" was sent from Sarah from Kalamazoo, MI

Sarah writes: “I have a lot of necklaces, all kinds from 14Kt gold and sterling silver to costume pieces. I never could find the right chain I was looking for or a particular set of beads or pearls.

I bought an inexpensive bulletin board and mounted it on my closet wall. I line up push pins on the board, and hang my chains and things from the tacks. Now I can easily see everything and select what I want.

You can also put the tacks anywhere you want, higher for longer pieces, lower for shorter ones--like bracelets.

I love this! It has saved me a lot of hassle. Hope you enjoy it.”

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