Monday, January 18, 2010

fun ways to tackle your to-do list

Let's be honest, most days the last thing we want to-do is tackle our To-Do list. We can think of so many other things we'd rather do, but I promise, there are ways to make tackling that To-Do list a bit more fun.

1. Schedule a fun break on your To Do List: Why should the To-Do list consist of nothing but one chore after another? Have some fun with your fun break.

2. Set it to music: Have a lot of chores to do around the house on your to-do list? Turn on the tunes, crank up the volume and watch the time fly by.

3. Compete--with yourself: It sounds crazy, but there's something about beating the clock that appeals to the child in each of us.

4. Rally the troops and enlist support: We don’t have to accomplish each and every task ourselves. Why not rally the troops to help you on those items that don't require your personal attention. It's always more fun to work alongside someone else

5. Swap with a friend: Get together with a friend and swap to-do lists for a day. Maybe you can't swap all of your tasks but it's very likely that you can swap some. You do some of hers and she can do some of yours. It's always easier to do someone else's stuff than our own. Use that to your (and your friend's) advantage.

Try out a few of these suggestions and see how quickly you can get through your to-do list today!

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