Tuesday, January 5, 2010

reenergize your life

The New Year offers you an ideal opportunity to start anew. You have a blank calendar and, in essence, a fresh canvas for your life. What will you fill yours with? Below are a few simple ideas designed to inspire you to refresh and reenergize your life in the year ahead. Please don't try to accomplish them all today, this week, or even this month. Pick out one or two that interest you and work on them for a while. Then come back and work on a few more. The important thing is that you are making progress and creating a better, more enjoyable life for yourself and your family.

1. Reflect: Start by taking a look back on the past year (or if you’re feeling really motivated, the past decade). What were the high points for you? How about the lows? Both the highs and the lows offer opportunities to learn and grow. So take a look back, tuck the good stuff away in your pocket, and then draft a short list of simple changes you can make to refresh your life in the New Year.

2. Renegotiate your goals: If you set any goals or New Year’s resolutions last year, take another look at them. Which ones did you keep, which ones did your neglect, and which ones do you still want to pursue or make progress on?

3. Reprioritize your to-do list: With your renegotiated goals in mind, reprioritize your to-do list. Put at the top of your list those projects that move you closer to your new goals, and move the less important tasks to the bottom of your list.

4. Release: anything that is getting in the way of your goals. Let go of any negative self-talk or self-doubt that is tripping you up or weakening your confidence. For example, if you say, “I’m so disorganized”, replace that message with, “I’m learning to be organized!” In doing so, you clear the mental pathway for your success.

5. Reorganize: Let go of physical clutter that is getting in the way of creating the life you want. Let go of useless objects and items that represent past memories and life events that no longer fit where you’re headed now. Eliminating clutter energizes your physical space, and in the process reenergizes your spirit.

6. Reschedule: As you transfer dates and appointments into your new calendar, reschedule your days to allocate a block of time for yourself. Use this time to make progress on your goals, get in a bit of exercise, or to simply relax and reenergize.

7. Renegotiate your obligations: Use your blank calendar as an opportunity to take stock of your current obligations. Which appointments and events are you excited about, and which ones feel like drudgery? Give yourself permission to let yourself go of anything that isn’t working for you, is no longer necessary, or no longer makes you happy.

8. Replace: an unhealthy habit with one new, healthier habit. Identify just one thing you habitually do that doesn’t serve you or is inconsistent with your goals. By focusing on just one habit, and replacing it with a new more productive habit, you set yourself up for success.

9. Resolve: to be kinder and gentler with yourself in 2010. Be the sort of friend to yourself that you would like to have in others. Pay less attention to your weaknesses and pay more attention to your strengths.

10. Remember: to do one thing at a time. Go easy on yourself, be courageous, and allow yourself to create a life that fills your heart with joy.

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