Wednesday, February 24, 2010

10 things to organize in 10 minutes or less

  1. Desktop: Put pens & pencils back in the holder, put away stray paperclips and rubber bands, sort through the piles of paper. Throw out anything that is outdated or no longer needed.

  1. Junk Drawer: We all have one. Throw out anything you don't need anymore. Use old check boxes or baby food containers to sort the items you do keep in the drawer. Put away things that have a different home.

  1. Purse: Pull out all the old receipts, notes, and grocery lists that ended up crumpled at the bottom. You probably don't need 5 pens and 3 kinds of gum. Consider taking out all those punch cards and 'club' cards that you don't use everyday. Keep them in a small pouch in a desk drawer and just get out the one you need when you need it.

  1. Refrigerator: Dig all the way to the back and pull out the stuff that's out of date or that no one likes. A crowded refrigerator has to run more often to keep all that food cool and only ends up costing you more money.

  1. Linen Closet: Do you need 30 washcloths for 4 people? Probably not. Pull them out and turn them into rags. Use them to dust, dry your car, or to clean up after home improvement projects.

  1. Medicine Cabinet: Weed out all medications that are past the expiration date. Make a note of any outdated prescriptions so you can contact your doctor to refill them if necessary.

  1. Files: File one pile of paper…and remember to only file papers you absolutely need to keep for tax or reference purposes.

  1. Birthday Cards: I keep an assortment of birthday cards on hand for whenever I might need them. Once or twice a month check the calendar and sign and send birthday cards for the next two weeks.

  1. Bookshelf: Do you really need your college textbooks? How about all those novels you read 3 years ago and haven't picked up since? Load them into a bag or box and take them right out to your car. Next time your out running errands drop them off at your local charity of choice.

  1. Magazine Rack: Magazine racks tend to pile up with outdated catalogs and magazines. Get rid of the outdated ones. If you want to keep a magazine for the idea you read in it, consider just tearing out the article and storing it in a file folder or binder. Both options use much less space than storing years of magazines and the information is much easier to find without having to weed through 7 years of magazines.

Ahhhh….see what you can accomplish in only 10 minutes! Start today!



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