Monday, February 1, 2010

create a chaos-free morning (part 1)

Mornings can easily become the most frenzied time of the entire day. For many families, the process of waking up, getting dressed and preparing for each day is hectic. Despite your best efforts, you may habitually struggle to arrive at work, school, or other activities on time because of morning chaos. To make matters worse, a stressful morning can easily set a negative tone for the rest of the day. By creating a chaos-free morning, you can not only reduce stress and calm commotion, but you will also improve your attitude and performance for the rest of the day as well.

The key to calming morning chaos for yourself and your family begins by establishing groundwork the previous evening.

  1. Check your schedule every evening to see what is on your agenda for the next day. Gather any items you will need for tomorrow's events and activities.

  2. Organize yourself and your family the night before. Pack backpacks and lunch boxes. Ensure that all permission slips are signed and paperwork is filled out. Make yourself a `to do' list for items you need to accomplish tomorrow.

  3. Pre-dress for success. Take a moment to check tomorrow's weather forecast and choose appropriate clothing the night before.

  4. Designate a place for keys, purses or backpacks, and coats near the door and ensure they are all accounted for before you go to bed each evening

  5. Get enough sleep. Lack of sleep will almost definitely leave you dragging and nothing encourages morning chaos more than being slow-moving and lethargic

Now that your schedule has been checked, necessities are prepared and placed in a convenient location, and clothing is set out; you are ready to face the day ahead…right?? If you still feel overwhelmed by morning madness, check back later this week for a few more steps you can take every morning to reduce chaos as well.

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