Wednesday, February 3, 2010

create a chaos-free morning (part 2)

Mornings can easily become the most frenzied time of the entire day. For many families, the process of waking up, getting dressed and preparing for each day is hectic. Despite your best efforts, you may habitually struggle to arrive at work, school, or other activities on time because of morning chaos. To make matters worse, a stressful morning can easily set a negative tone for the rest of the day. By creating a chaos-free morning, you can not only reduce stress and calm commotion, but you will also improve your attitude and performance for the rest of the day as well.

If you read our post from earlier this week and are still struggling to get your mornings under control, here are 5 more tips to help you do just that!

  1. Set your alarm clock to give you 15 extra minutes every morning. The extra time will allow you to remain on schedule even if there are unexpected snags in your morning routine.

  2. Establish a routine. Make a list of everything that needs to be done each morning and determine what order those things will occur.

  3. Give children a list of things `to do' each morning. Making their own beds, picking up laundry, and other age appropriate chores can make your job easier and keep the children busy while you attend to your own responsibilities.

  4. Delegate responsibility. Assign everyday responsibilities such as cooking breakfast, dressing small children, and starting the coffee maker to capable family members.

  1. Give yourself time to clean up. Nobody wants to return home to a messy house. Giving yourself several minutes each morning to tidy up will allow you to relax and enjoy your home once you return.

Recurrent frenzied mornings will quickly become a thing of the past when you use these simple suggestions to get organized. With minimal effort, you can quickly develop evening habits and morning routines for your family that will make the most out of your limited time in the morning. Reducing confusion and establishing a comfortable, yet flexible schedule will calm morning chaos and set the tone for a positive, productive day for your entire family.

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