Monday, February 15, 2010

my most often asked question...

This is the ONE question I get asked by clients more than any other question.

I want to get organized but it's all so overwhelming. Where do I start?

There are different ways to approach this question but before we even start with the practical aspects, you need to do this:

First of all, relax and take a deep breath. Then get your mind in the right space.

Realize that this is a process and that you will not have a totally organized home in one hour, despite what you saw on TV.

Remember the home makeover shows have TONS of organizers and stylists behind the scenes making the space look beautiful. You only have you (or if you're really blessed, a friend or family member to help you).

Now that we've got that part settled, let's talk practical.

When trying to decide where to start, grab a pen and paper and walk through your home…room by room. Write down specific areas that are the most overwhelming to you right now. For example, the junk drawer in the kitchen, the dinning room table, the entry way, the bathroom counters, etc.

Then, once you have your list, look it over and pick ONE spot to tackle first.

Think about what you use the space for, who uses the space, how you would like the space to look when you are finished, etc.

Bite the bullet and get started. Set your timer for 15-20 minutes and start clearing out that specific space. Dump any trash, create a pile for give-away items, and create another pile for items that need to be returned to a different room in your house.

Don’t focus on anything else for that period of time and don’t allow yourself to be distracted by your phone, computer, the TV…or your family! You will be amazed with what you can do in such a short amount of time. Then tomorrow, make it a goal to spend a few more minutes in that space. Before you know it, you will have moved onto the next clutter hot spot on your list.

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