Friday, February 26, 2010

tips for organizing small spaces

For most people, it is a challenge to organize any space…but this challenge is multiplied by the confinements and limitations of a SMALL space. However, just because your space is challenging, it's still possible to be organized. Keep in mind though that it's imperative to use every inch of available space both efficiently and wisely. Many of these tidbits can be utilized in any space:

  1. The “one-in-one-out” rule: This rule works well with items such as shoes, clothing, toys and books. For any new item bought or received as a gift, one item must leave.

  1. Find solutions that are both functional and attractive: Use a storage ottoman that looks good and also serves as a great storage solution. Also consider hidden storage such as drawers in coffee or end table.

  1. Be realistic with your space: A 10' x 10' room will feel bigger when it is filled with less stuff. Remember, the scale of furniture will also affect the visual space in a room.

  1. Purge excessive items often: Keep small boxes in a closet that can be used to temporarily store items that need to be donated until you have enough to call a charity for a pickup.

  1. Set realistic limits: For instance, if you only have room for 30 hangers in your closet, do not buy extra hangers. Instead limit yourself to only those 30 hanging pieces of clothing.

  1. Be creative and resourceful: In a small kitchen, use a plastic dish drying tray to hold cookie sheets. Reuse old mugs and baskets to organize office supplies.

  1. Find the hidden space potential in your room: Plastic containers under the bed can store linens, shoes, out of season clothing or extra bedding. Is there space not being utilized behind a staircase? Hanging shoe holders can be used on the back of doors to organize much more than just shoes such as kitchen utensils, spices, or food. Use cork boards and pegs on the back of doors to organize jewelry such as necklaces.
  1. Use wall and ceiling space. In the kitchen, you might use a hanging holder for pots and pans. In living and office spaces, use floor to ceiling shelves. Another example is magnetic spice racks that hang on the walls.

Embrace the pluses of living in a small space and use its entirety to its full potential. You will feel like you are living in a large space…but you will have less to clean!

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