Monday, March 22, 2010

getting organized is SIMPLE

Since the name of my business is “Organization Made SIMPLE” I focus a lot of energy on creating concepts that my readers and clients can easily understand and implement in their own home and with their own family. The following is just that…a “simple” formula for organizing your home, office, schedule, and life!

S Start Small: Set a timer for 15 minutes and do what you can.

· Clear your counters

· Clean one drawer in your kitchen or bathroom

· Organize one shelve or section of your closet

· File one handful of papers

· Fold and put away one load of laundry

I Immediate Action: Don’t procrastinate…start today!

· Make a goal to do a little every day

· Every time you walk from room to room, take something with you and put it away

· De-clutter for 20-30 minutes before you go to bed

M Make a Space for Everything: If something doesn’t have a “home” it is clutter.

· Make a home for everything in your home, office, car, purse, etc.

· Involved your family and make sure they know where the “home” for each item is

· If you can’t find a home for it, get rid of it!

· Think about where you will put something before you buy it

P Plan Ahead: Anything you can do now will save valuable time later.

· Pack lunches and pick out clothes the night before

· Plan a week/month of meals in advance and make your grocery list accordingly

· Spend 15 minutes at night planning the next days activities

· Plan a weekly or monthly budget to prevent over spending

L Leave Emotions Out: Try to separate your emotional attachment from the physical object.

· Limit the amount of pictures (doubles, triples) you hand on to; only keep your favorites

· Get rid of your “skinny” clothes, when you lose the weight, you’ll want new clothes!

· Don’t feel guilty about donating a gift…your friends will never know

· Realize that you don’t need an object to keep a memory…the memory will still be there

E Enlist Accountability: Have a friends or family member to keep you accountable.

· It’s easier to reach your goals if you have someone who is checking up on you.

· Tell this person your organizing goals (Ex: organizing my kitchen by summer)

· Have a regularly schedule time for this person to call and “check up”

These “SIMPLE” organizing techniques will help you to get started—which is often the most overwhelming part—and finish any organizing project you have on your to-do list right now!

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