Friday, March 19, 2010

a little storage goes a long way

Are you looking for creative…and inexpensive ways to add more storage to your home? Join the club! Some rooms area easier to organize than others...especially if they are rooms that aren’t used on a regular basis. Below, I’ve listed 3 of the most used rooms in your home…and a few ways to increase your storage in each room.

  1. Living Rooms: Declutter bookcases and shelving by using colored containers, baskets, or boxes to contain DVD's, CD's, books, magazines and candles. Use a coffee table with added storage (or an ottoman that opens) to enclose pillows, blankets, photo albums or books.

  2. Bathrooms: Use containers or small tins or bowls to organize items on the counter or within the medicine cabinet. Shelving that fits above the toilet could be useful to hold towels.

  3. The Kitchen: A dish dryer can be used for cookie sheets and muffin tins. An old canister can be used to hold utensils. Store Christmas dishes or special serving platters way in the back of deep cabinets or on the top shelf. Keep items you use to cook every day in an easily accessible spot.

If you just use a little creativity, you can find appropriate (and inexpensive) storage solutions for every room in your home!

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