Monday, March 8, 2010

put an incubator in your closet

When I said incubator you probably thought of baby chicks, didn’t you? This almost sounds like I’m suggesting ways to add clutter to your closet! But the kind of incubator I’m talking about will actually make it simpler to eliminate closet clutter. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

An organizing incubator is simply a container you designate as the place to put items you think you might like to let go of…but you’re not yet 100% certain. The idea is to remove the items that you’re on the fence about, and isolate them from the things you’re certain you want to keep. In essence, you give yourself a waiting period of up to three months to let the items incubate. If you discover you need any item in the incubator during the waiting period, pull it out and use it. At the end of your incubation period, donate the items that are still in your incubator, knowing you’ve made a good choice!

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