Friday, March 12, 2010

two-for-one projects

I love it when one single project allows you to accomplish two goals. I call these projects “two-for-ones”: two tangible benefits for the price of one organizing project! This past week, I accomplished this with one of my clients.

In our most recent organizing session, we focused on all the electronics in the home: TV’s, DVD and VHS players, gaming systems, computers, printers, scanners, cell phones, etc. etc!

My client picked the items that her family used and was willing to part with the rest! But I had an even better idea…I suggested that she sell them on Craig’s List so she could recoup a bit of her costs. Since she wasn’t very familiar with Craig’s List, I offered to post the items for her. She sold everything and made enough money for 2 additional organizing sessions!

Not only did she clear a ton of clutter in her home, she also made a nice chunk of change as well! Hmmm…less clutter and more cash; I’ll take that any day!



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