Wednesday, April 14, 2010

set some mini goals

Ah, Spring is here! I love living in Michigan, and I love all 4 seasons; but I am ALWAYS ready for Spring to make it's first appearance. This year, the warm weather came a bit early and I am thankful for that. I have already completed several yard projects over the past few weeks and am in the middle of re-landscaping our back yard (it needs it!) I'll post pictures once I am further along.

The only problem with this warm weather is it makes it much more difficult to sit inside cleaning and organizing; I'm sure you can you relate! However, since my job is to motivate my clients and readers to get more organized, I feel that I have to "practice what I preach" and keep my house clean and organized...while still enjoying the warm weather.

One thing that really helps me stay focused is to set mini goals with specific time frames. Some examples are:
  • clean out the dishwasher and clear the counter tops each night before I go to bed
  • wipe down the bathroom counter each day after I finish getting ready
  • de-clutter one area of my closet when I put the laundry away
  • clean out the refrigerator when I put this week's groceries away
  • never walk out of a room without picking one thing up
Each of these small tasks can be completed in just a few minutes...and if I consistently follow through with my "mini goals" my house will consistently stay organized and clutter free. I will also eliminate time-consuming organizing projects later on when I would rather be enjoying the summer months.

Take a few moments today and set several mini goals for you and your family. Your home won't become magically organized over night, but you will make consistent progress and you'll still be able to enjoy your life!

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