Friday, April 23, 2010

something is better than nothing

When it comes to getting organized and clearing out clutter, remember that some progress is better than no progress. In short: some is better than none.

The beginning of any big project can be hard. That end point can seem so far away that it’s sometimes difficult to muster up the energy to even get started. You think I couldn’t possibly get it all done today, so you don’t begin today…or tomorrow…or the day after that.

This form of “all or nothing” thinking—I can’t clean out the entire garage today so I’ll wait to begin—can keep you indefinitely stuck in inaction. Keep this in mind: you can’t finish something until you start it. So just focus on getting started; the finishing will fall into place.

Whenever you find yourself avoiding the start of a big project—organizing or otherwise—remember the catchy little phrase “some is better than none.” You don’t have to finish the entire project today, but you could get started today. After all, any progress you make today is a step in the right direction—a step closer to done!

Here’s to beginnings!



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