Saturday, June 5, 2010

Better Homes and Gardens Magazine

I usually don't encourage my clients to subscribe to any additional magazines, as they somehow seem to stick around for years to come! I personally don't subscribe to any magazines, but I did receive Better Homes and Gardens as a gift for 2 Christmases...and now I'm hooked! However, I'm not going to pay full price for a magazine (or anything for that matter) so I've been waiting for it to go on sale...and it's here!

You can now get a subscription to Better Homes and Gardens magazine for only $2.99 per year right now from Simply add the magazine to your cart and choose how many years you’d like to receive it. You'll have to enter your mailing information, then use coupon code HOMES at the checkout and it should knock the price down to $2.99 per year. (Tanga sometimes varies the price of an item by a dollar or two throughout the day.)

So get your magazine deal...and then remember; once you finished reading it, get rid of it!



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