Tuesday, June 1, 2010

decluter your kids' paperwork

The school year is winding down and you are getting ready for summer break, right?

But before you take all the paper and memorabilia left from this school year and shove it in the bottom of a closet or drawer, (where it has the potential to magically multiply over the summer months) take an afternoon to organize your kids’ school papers!

Take advantage of the slower inflow of new paper and get on top of what’s accumulated over the last school year. Clean out your files and discard papers that pertain to the past school year’s teachers, schedules, and assignments. Discard paperwork from sports teams and seasons that have come and gone. Clear your refrigerator of hot-lunch slips, spelling tests and art work. Be ruthless, and save only the MOST meaningful items in three-ring binders (one for each child).

With a little bit of effort now, you can enjoy paper-free surfaces all summer long; and next fall, you will enjoy not having to declutter your multiplied paper mess.

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