Saturday, June 12, 2010

kid's clothes

Schools out...Great!

Your kids are home all day...Great! Except that they seem to instantly create clutter the moment they wake up!

One area that seems to easily spiral out of control is the closets. It is so difficult to keep up with your children's changing sizes, the seasons, school clothes, play clothes, nice clothes, etc. etc.

It might seem overwhelming, but try out a few of my suggestions below and see if you can't make it a fun experience for you...and your kids!
  1. Have a mini fashion show: get your children to try on all their clothes and walk up and down the hallway to "show them off". This is a great time to see what fits and what doesn't. Anything that doesn't work should go to charity.
  2. Make it fun to stay organized: Install a basketball hoop above the hamper for a fun way to pick up clothes.
  3. Implement lots of colored boxes, bins, etc: You could use these colors to sort specific seasons (blue for summer, red for winter) or to sort types of clothing (blue for shorts, red for pants). This is a great visual way to help your kids remember where there clothes belong.
  4. Get your children involved in the process: They are SO much more likely to keep there space organized if they get to make some of the decisions too. Ask them what they like and actually listen to their thoughts. It will make a big difference.
Take a few moments this weekend to host your own fashion show and get your kids a little more organized.

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