Thursday, June 3, 2010

our garden shed

When we bought our house 4 years ago, my dad promised to build us a shed "sometime". Well, sometime happened last Fall. He finally had the time to build it and I got to customize it to fit all my gardening needs. I originally thought about painting it barn red...but then decided to go with a neutral color.

This spring, I did a bit of landscaping around it and added all the finishing touches. Not only is it super organized, it's also cute, and it adds a hint of country charm to my suburban home!

This is the back wall of our shed. I installed an old kitchen cabinet on the right for enclosed storage. Then I used a bunch of old peg board that we found in our basement. I painted the whole inside of the shed white for a clean look.

I may have gotten a little carried away...but I found some clearanced fabric and made a skirt for my "custom" workbench...more hidden storage!

I think I have enough shovels... I really do use them all.

I found this metal storage cabinet for free by the road and now use it to hold all our pesticides, chemicals, fertilizers, insect repellent, and outdoor games. I also stuck clothes pins to the inside of the doors so we can hang our gardening gloves.

I love pegboard...such an inexpensive (and visually attractive) way to organize large or small spaces

More (free) storage pieces to store camping gear, gardening tools, etc.

Some of my pretty terracotta pots "just for looks" since some are really too small to actually plant in.

I love our shed.
I love all the extra storage.
I love that our garage is now uncluttered.
I love feeling like Martha Stewart as I work in my shed!

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